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9/18/2018 11:12 PM

Y’all this looks like it is going to be AMAZING tomorrow night!!! Who is ready for @thebamboocookhouse tomorrow night right here at the Parkway?? Anyone from around the area is welcome to stop by!!!

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  • Y’all this looks like it is going to be AMAZING tomorrow night!!! Who is ready for @thebamboocookhouse tomorrow night right here at the Parkway?? Anyone from around the area is welcome to stop by!!!
  • Good news! With all this sitting around while it is still raining out, we are here in the office getting ready for next week! Tuesday is Rice Krispy Treat Day! Stop in the office between 12-6 to grab a treat on us! We will also be having Zumba on Tuesday from 6:30-7:30! Stop out and burn off the snacks from this weekend! 
Wednesday we are welcoming out @thebamboocookhouse to the Parkway! Savor the flavor of Philippine Cuisine from classic Filipino dishes to all-time favorite Filipino street foods! Sounds amazing!! #foodtruck #overflorence #whathurricane #wejustgotrainandwind #theparkwaylife #hrpliving
  • We will be closing at 1 pm today. We will respond to emergencies as we can, keeping everyone's safety in mind. We may not be able to respond until later in the day tomorrow, or Sunday, depending on the severity of the storm and what it leaves behind.
  • Download the ReadyNC App for #HurricaneFlorence resources
  • Sorry it is easy. Quick update for everyone. Florence has downgraded to a Cat 2. This is good news for anyone along the coast on NC and SC. We will continue to watch as we will start seeing high winds and rain starting this afternoon. If you have family along the coast and they have not evacuated please get into contact with them! The storm is very unpredictable as we have all seen. 
We will continue to monitor and keep you updated! 
The Parkway Team.
  • Good news and bad news! Bad news first! As they are working to prepare for any possible storm that may hit the coast @slicedwieners will not be in property tonight. We will see how the weather is next Wednesday for another food truck! 
Good news. It looks like Flo (not progressive Flo) has decided to change course currently. This by no means puts us in the clear!! Please stay tuned to the radio, tv, and weather channel for any updates! 
If the power does go out, we will also be without power! Please contact Duke Energy if the power does go out. If weather picks up  and power goes out or becomes too dangerous out we will close the office until it is safe to re-open. #theparkwaylife
  • We have had a lot of questions and concerns brought to our attention today. We are working hard to answer any and all questions. One question we can answer is food truck Wednesday is still on for tomorrow! @slicedwieners will be at the Parkway from 5:30-8:00! Stop over and have a good hotdog and maybe even a good laugh with a new neighbor! Stay safe Parkway family! #foodtruck #theparkwaylife #hotdogshere
  • To our Parkway residents,

As you all know, Hurricane Florence has been in the news. This is not to alarm you, but more so to have you prepared in the event of a hurricane. It is still too soon to know exactly where Hurricane Florence will be heading, but we want to get this very important information out so you can be prepared ahead of time! - Remove all items from your patio (hanging plants, furniture, etc).
- Remove all items from the breezeways (doormats, anything at your front door).
- Fill tubs with fresh water to use for flushing your toilets. Keep a supply of drinking water for everyone in your household to last a few days. It is recommended 1 gallon of water per person per day. The local water supply could be interrupted or contaminated.
- Keep your refrigerator bare as possible. In the event you leave, there can be spoiled food which could lead to mold, etc. - Keep a copy of Renter's insurance policies with you at all times during an evacuation. You could need proof of address, (if our area is hit severely) to return to your apartment.
- Keep a flashlight with extra batteries (candles should not be used as it's a fire hazard).
- First Aid Kit, manual can opener, and a whistle to signal for help.
- Remember to have cash on hand. Without electricity, ATMs will not operate.
- Fill any necessary medication prescriptions.
- GASOLINE! Remember to keep a full tank of gas. Gas pumps will not work without electricity.
- FOOD! Store canned and packaged food that can be prepared without cooking and need no refrigeration.
- As for your pets, keep an extra supply of food and medications for them, along with vaccination papers. Make arrangements for evacuation ahead of time, as some shelters may not allow your pet. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET BEHIND!!! Please make sure you follow local news/weather reports for any additional information. We get information the same way you do! If we lose power, you will not be able to call the office (our phones are internet phones and will not work), we suggest you follow us on FaceBook and Instagram (Hawthorne at the Parkway), we will do our best to communicate to you. 
Thank You,
The Parkway Team
  • #hrpinflightchallenge we by far have done a stunning job on updating the Cyber Cafe for all of our residents to use!! We are clear for take off! Stop in today and enjoy #theparkwaylife #hrpliving
  • Kickoff to #HRPKicksOff #bestteamever #lovewhereyouwork #theparkwaylife #theparkwayteam
  • Make your prediction now:

________ and _________ will face off in Super Bowl LIII. #footballseason #areyoureadyforsomefootball #Super Bowl
  • Who else is excited for dinner tonight with @hotcakesandchicken !!! Make sure you stop out tonight and support local! #lovewhereyoulive #theparkwaylife #hrpliving #dinner #cary
  • Tomorrow’s food truck @hotcakesandchicken looks amazing!!! Are you ready for another new truck to the Parkway life??? Stop over tomorrow between 5:30 and 8:00! #hrpliving #theparkwaylife #hellocary #cary #caryliving
  • College Football is back!!!! Who are you cheering for this weekend?? 🏈 #football #collegefootball
  • Yes we will be closed this coming Monday! But, stop by tomorrow between 9 and 6! We still have some amazing 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartment homes ready for you to call Home this Fall! Come see how amazing #theparkwaylife truly is! #hrpliving #hellocary #hrp #cary #raleigh #apartmentsearch #caryapartments #labordayweekend2018